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The Weekly

I’ve definitely been thinking a lot about cultural inspirations and sustainability this week, darlings. It began with a very interesting new hotel in Bali. The architects took great pains to work within the cultural context of both Indonesia in general and Bali in particular. The article at Designboom has a handful of beautiful pictures and many more details.

Then I was wowed by this video from the Ocean Cleanup project, about progress on the great pacific garbage patch. They’re currently on version 2 of their system and are transitioning to version 3. They’ve been through the design process many more times than that; these are just the final prototypes. The estimate that with 10 sytems based on version 3, they could clean up the patch forever! Take a look.

From the Boss

Week 7


Reminder: the Make:able 2023 Challenge will open up on 1st November. This is a challenge to ‘Design and make a 3D printed product or prototype that improves the day-to-day life of someone with a disability or the elderly’. Download the toolkit right now if you’re interested.

Meet with the Boss


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New Designers

Do The Daily, complete your PLP, and then check the Design Thinking map to make sure you’re making progress toward the current goal (ten by November 3rd).

After that, work in the discipline you choose!