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Personalized Learning Plan

This is a 4 Stage Quest. Upon completion you will receive:

  • 50 Experience Points (XP)
  • G2 x 100% (REP Modifier) = G2
  • 1.25 Reputation (REP)

About Me

You’ll be working on this quest all semester; it’s a live document that will hold information about you, your goals & your progress. All answers for this quest will be private between you and Nolat Labs. No other players will be able to see your answers.

Even though you’ll click ‘Complete’ for this quest, you won’t really be done with it. You’ll work on it all semester. It will re-open (turn yellow again) every time a new question is added. Keep your eye on it, Visitor!

Personalized Learning Plan: About Me

About Me

What is something I should know about you as a designer? (or as a student, or as a person)

20 Words Required

My Personal Best/s

Personalized Learning Plan: My Personal Best/s

This is a spot to save your progress in the various creativity challenges.  Each time you do better, come here and update your record.

  • Circles Exercise – My largest number of circles so far is ___
  • Brainspin – My best list of ideas included ___ (how many?)
  • Design Sketching Skill Tree
    • I know ___ skills in the tree:
    • I am comfortable/skilled at ___ skills:

Goal for Spring 2022

Remember when we talked about a goal for this semester?  I’m asking that you set yourself a H.A.R.D. goal.

  • H – heartfelt; something you care enough about to stay interested in all semester
  • A – animated; you can easily envision what it will look like to achieve this goal
  • R – required; your goal is directly about design, the design cycle, or your design skills
  • D – difficult; a goal that will take you at least all of this semester to achieve

Personalized Learning Plan: Goal for Spring 2022

My goal for spring 2022 is

Personalized Learning Plan - Stage 4

How are you doing with your goal? Write a brief (2-3 sentence) update on your progress and what you might need in order to finish.

Quest Complete!

Keep thinking about your learning.  The ultimate goal of NolatLabs is designers who know how to learn on their own.